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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Samantha Wood Blog Post

I chose this picture because it’s an image I see everyday at JMU. I took this outside white hall at the top of the village. Every time I leave for class, the gym, to eat, or any time I walk out of my dorm I see this image. Besides being something I see everyday, I also chose this picture because UREC is one of my favorite buildings on campus. I like UREC not only because I go there to workout, but I also like the building’s design. I think it’s interesting how the building was designed with somewhat of an Asian influence. This is definitely a unique building on campus. I also think this is a very important building on campus for students because it’s good for the body and mind. I just wish it wasn’t on the other side of 81 just because I have to walk in a circle to get there and the road kind of messes up the prettiness of the surrounding area. Regardless, I’ll have good memories about the gym and this scene in particular because it’ll reminds me of my sophomore year and my time at JMU.

In Greenburg’s articles he says that oftentimes college buildings don’t reflect differences in location, topography, or culture. I feel that JMU actually does a great job contrary to Greenburg’s general statement. I feel that most of the buildings are a great reflection of an area on campus. For example, the buildings on the east campus are modern with strait lines, and tan walls. Those buildings reflect the science atmosphere of that side of campus. Furthermore, the bluestone buildings have a more historical and creative context that reflects the history, English, art, and other common classes on that side of campus. I agree with Greenburg however, that there are some random buildings that just seem tossed in (Roop). Overall, I personally like the differences in JMU buildings. I feel like it’d be boring if every building had the same design.
- Samantha Wood


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  3. This picture really struck me as interesting. This is also view of UREC that I see very every day. UREC is also one of my favorite buildings on campus due to its architecture. It stands out from the rest of the buildings on campus, not only for its size but also for its very large front windows. I agree with you in the aspect of how Greenburg said how college buildings don’t reflect differences in location and culture. JMU really does a great job with variety in the buildings but it is the difference in buildings that make us one. Not only does east side have a different architecture than the quad but they both represent the JMU community.

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